Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why doesn't this Ken have working elbows and knees?! D: Lol :D

During my break between classes I went down to the shops and checked out the Goodwill. That's where I found this guy, for $4. As you can see, his knees and elbows don't bend :/ That's a little would he ever go down on one knee to propose, or to kiss a lady's hand in a courtly manner? Even most Barbies have slightly bendable knees. At least his hair looks cool, and isn't the stiff molded kind, lol.


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  2. cool, thanks! I just so happened to check my blog today on my day off from school :)

  3. Hi Chiara! My guess is that this guy is Smarmy Ken. He is not getting on his knees for anybody, lol. He thinks he is so good looking, women will rush to feed him.

    Congratulations on your purchase. That's a nice deal. Even if you rebody him onto a poser body later, you will have the head and any clothes he came with. For $4.00! Neat.

    I also have a blog about playscale dolls - please stop by and visit. I welcome new viewers as well as regulars ;-D